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Xiangcheng District

Xiangcheng DistrictXiangcheng District enjoys a favorable geographic location. As we all know, Suzhou is noted as "Paradise on earth", and Xiangcheng District is a beautiful pearl on this paradise. It is located in the north part of Suzhou city, as the northern gate of the old city. Xiangcheng District was established by the approval of State Council in February 2001. It is adjacent to the Sino-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park(SIP) in the east and neighbors the Suzhou Hi-tech Industry Development Zone(SND) in the west. The district governs 4 towns, 4 communities and 1 provincial development zone, with a total coverage of 496 square kilometers; residential population is 380,000, while the total population is about 740,000.

Leading by the traditional business industry, focusing on various specialized markets, boosted by the real estate industry and the new service industry, the whole district has been building its new economic system in the recent five years.

Xiangcheng District is one of the leading areas within the expansion range in Suzhou central city and it is a new city area of great potential and vigor. The main target is to build the District as a "waterside city, flower city, business city, best ecological city for living", and as "the sub - center of Suzhou Modern manufacturing industry, trade and logistics, and beautiful living place" gradually. Xiangcheng is proud of its great culture and a lot of celebrities in the history, convenient transportation, pleasing climate and abundant natural resources. The famous Yangcheng Lake is also located in the area.

Fast Developing Economy

Fast Developing EconomyFrom the year 2001 since Xiangcheng district was founded, Xiangcheng's economy has been rising very fast, formed the attractive "Xiangcheng speed". In 2007, Xiangcheng's local GDP has achieved 23.22 billion RMB, with a yearly increased rate of 22.8%; The local normal financial income is 19.6 billion RMB, the average yearly increase rate is 38.5%. 7 years since the district was founded, it attracts 1082 foreign investment projects, register foreign capital 5.03 billion US dollars, the real received foreign capital 2.82 billion US dollars. Urban disposable income per capita is 20213 RMB, Rural net income reached 10187 RMB with the increasing rate more then 10%. The whole district achieved Xiaokang (comfortable) life level. Xiangcheng district is honored the "typical case of rapid development" by Suzhou government.

In 2007, Xiangcheng district achieved industrial GDP 65.2 billion RMB, with big size industrial GDP 40.6 billion RMB, the number of enterprises which have sale income exceeding 100 million RMB increase 21 by last year, new high-tech products GDP increase more than 20%. It basically formed the high technical industry sectors which contains car parts and bits, electronic information, sophisticated chemistry, new type material and so on.

Fast Developing EconomyIn 2007 Xiangcheng district 16 important professional markets like Likou international furniture city, Weitang China Pearl and Gemstone city, Zhongxiang commercial trade city achieved 15 billion RMB trade value, lotus moon wet land park, ecological follower plants park, Yangcheng lake "happy farmer house" become new leisure, consume hot areas. On the basis of constructing planned Hangqiao headquarter economical park, projects like central commercial city and Yangzi river big center are developing well. Since Xiangcheng district was found, the real estate sector had been developing smoothly. In 2007, loads of famous real estate enterprises entered Xiangcheng, for example Hongkong Hengji, Guangzhou Hejing, Beijing city developing and so on. 0.92 million square meters apartment was sold in the whole year, increased 8.5% by last years amount, sale value achieved 4.85 billion RMB.

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