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TaicangTaicang is a coastal city, under the jurisdiction of Suzhou, Jiang Province, administrates Taicang Port Economic Development Zone (Port Zone & New District) and seven towns. Taicang covers an area of 823 square kilometers, of which 648 aquare kilometers land area. It is 40 miles to the northwest of Shanghai, and 40 miles to the east of Suzhou. In 2008, the registered population was at 466,300, and total GDP reached RMB 52.8 billion (US$7.6 billion). The GDP per capita reached RMB 79,449 (US$11,439). Taicang has been consistently ranked in top 10 of the National Bureau of Statistics' 100 Most Competitive County Level Cities in China.


EconomyTaicang is the first county-level city in China to realize the well-to-do living standard. Its economy ranks among the top 10 counties in China in the past successive years. Taicang has already become an important developing coastal harbor for container, ore and liquefied petroleum gas. Taicang has recently formed eight leading industries, such as port logistics, electric power, petrochemistry, paper making and fine machinery etc., and has built the biggest advanced lubricating oil production base at home. It is also the densest production base for exporting bicycle in eastern China and one of densest areas gathering German companies in China. The economy of Taicang City has continuously come out at the top of one hundred counties with sound economy in China.

By the end of 2007, there more than 30 countries and regions including USA, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan had invested in Taicang. By the end of June in 2008, the amount of WFOE is 2793, the registered capital accounts for $8.95 billion. Among world TOP 500 enterprises, Mobil, Nike, Unilever, BP, Nissho Iwai, had set up their facilities in Taicang. Taicang is called the "Hometown of Germany Enterprises" in China and one of the high density of EU & US investment cities in Jiangsu Province. At the same time, some giant domestic enterprises, such as Huaneng, COSCO, Sinchem, China Shipping, CIMC, Sinopec, China Petrol had also chosen Taicang.

    Local Industry Planning
  • New District
    Relying on Shangi and upgrading from the introduction of manufactures to the operators. The New District will mainly focus on the development of precision machinery, automotive parts, electronic information, bio-pahrmceutical and etc.
  • Port Zone
    Relying on Taicang Port, the Port Zone will mainly focus on the development of such industries as modern logistics, petrol chemicals, power energy, basic raw material and etc.
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