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Suzhou Profile

Suzhou is a super big city, provincial seat of Jiangsu province, it is a prefecture-level city in respect of administration division, as well as the center of economy, foreign trade, industry and commerce and logistics in Jiangsu province. In 2008, Suzhou's GDP totaled RMB 670.1 billion. The population of permanent residents amounted to 8.01 million in 2008, with a per capital GDP of RMB 82,728.
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Economy Suzhou is a modern manufacturing base with new and high technology industry as the mainstay. In 2007, the newly approved foreign investment projects totaled 50, with total investment value from the Chinese at US$ 103 million. "The Oriental Industrial Garden" in Ethiopia applied for and established by the Jiangsu Qiyuan Group and Yonggang Group has become the overseas state-level economic and trade cooperation center. Suzhou Industrial Park has constructed the Vientiane Special Economic Zone joint venture with Laos. An important cooperation project between the Chinese and Singaporean government, Suzhou Industrial Park is a high-tech industrial park with international competitiveness and a new urban area that is modern, gardened and international.


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