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Canglang District

Canglang DistrictCanglang District, known for the Canglang Pavilion (Surging Waves Pavilion) constructed in Song Dynasty, is situated in the southern part of Suzhou ancient city. It covers an area of 30square km with a population of 326,000.8 community offices are under its jurisdiction.

The district has rich culture and numerous talents. Gardens, historical sites, celebrities former residences, hotels, colleges and universities scatter in this area. Medical and gym facilities are fully equipped, while culture and educational undertakings are advanced. Characteristic blocks such as Phoenix Cuisine Street reflect the prosperity of the district. Canglang Science & Technology Industry Park has become the incubator for the development of private enterprises in science & technology industry. The construction of Canglang District new zone which covers an area of 3,300 mu is to be launched.

Education & culture Center of Suzhou

Canglang District is the center of education, culture, science & research, news of Suzhou. Soochow University is located in here. It is a key comprehensive university of Jiangsu Province and a key university of "211 Project" of the nation. The university dates back to 1900 when Soochow University was founded.

Education & culture Center of SuzhouBeing a metropolis of industry and commerce in the southeastern coast of China since ancient times, Suzhou has always been a hub for merchants. Favored by geographical, natural and human factors in its development, today's Suzhou is an open city with developed economy and frequent exchanges with the outside world. It has been officially declared part of "the coastal economic open zone of the Yangtze Delta". Comprehensive industrial system has taken shape, and there has been tremendous expansion in foreign trade and international economic co-operation. Currently, Suzhou has sister cities in Italy, Canada, Japan and the United States.

Soochow University has now evolved into a comprehensive university with eleven branches of Philosophy, Economy, Technology, Agriculture, Medicine and Management. It has enjoyed reputation both at home and abroad for solid foundation and good management.

Soochow University takes an active part in international academic exchange and it has established cooperative and exchange relationships with over 80 universities and institutions in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. In recent years, the Soochow University made use of the advantages of the exceeding geographical and human conditions, actively explore effective methods for economical construction and social development, and regards it as the feature of the university and motivation. Now the Soochow University is marching forwards with great courage and wisdom to pursue the goal of constructing the first-class university.

Canglang District lays emphasis on the synchronous and harmonious development of material, political and spiritual civilizations in order to create a civilized society. It has been honored as National Model District for Community Service, National Leading District for Civil Culture Development, National Leading District for Civil Sports Popularization, National Leading District for Disabled People's Service, National Model District for Mutual Support between the Army and the People.

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