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Pingjiang District

Pingjiang DistrictPingjiang District, following Suzhou's old name of Pingjiang Prefecture in Song Dynasty, is situated in the northeast part of the city. It covers an area of 25.2 km2 with a population of 268,000. Its jurisdiction includes 6 communities and 39 neighborhood committees. It is always well-known for the convenient communication and transportation, prosperous economy, garden assembly, developed culture and well-preserved ancient features.

Along with the fast developing economy, Pingjiang District is going to speed up the procedure of preserving the ancient city. It will go all out to push forward the landscape preservation and environmental treatment projects of Pingjiang Road. It will further its step in consolidating Guanqian Commercial Area's status as Suzhou's commercial, tourist and cultural center. The development of spiritual civilization was in harmony with the economic growth. The charity supermarket “Pingjiang Family” was listed as one of the ten best examples in the provincial socialistic spiritual civilization development. The civil cultural activities such as "Golden Neighborhood" was active and popular more than ever.

Commercial & Tourist Center - Guanqian Street

Guanqian StreetGuanqian Street is the most important commercial, cultural and travel center in Suzhou. There are 19 old shops with a hundred years history and a dozen department stores along the street. There are 11 garden spots in this district, among which five classical gardens are listed in the World Cultural Heritage, namely, Humble Administrator's Garden, Lion Grove Garden, Couple's Garden, and Mountain Villa of Embracing Beauty.

The street running 760 meters long, consists of the eastern, middle and western sections. The eastern part is filled with nice ancient buildings of historical significance. The middle is mainly the temple and fashionable shops occupy the western part.

Strolling on Guanqian Street is a favorite pastime of the locals. Now, the restored street attracts not only Suzhou people but also visitors, as it is an attraction blending business, culture, religion and food delights.

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