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WujiangWujiang is a county - level city in the southernmost of Jiangsu province, South East China. The total area of Wujiang is 1,176 square kilometers, with a population of 1.5 million.

Wujiang neighbors Shanghai in the east. Songling is the central town and seat of the municipal government. Wujiang is located just south of Suzhou. Traditionally, It has been regarded as "the Land of Fish and Rice", and "the Capital of Silk". In recent years, it is also known to be "the Capital of Cable and Optical Cable" and also "the City of Electronics".

Wujiang is a city with a long history and has a plethora of scholars and talents. It is also the famous tourism city in the Yangtze River Delta, China, with its traditional culture and silkworm civilization, and the colorful historic sites and relics. Its Tongli Tuisi Garden - the listed World Culture Heritage, is undoubtedly a bright pearl in the Yangtze River Delta.


Wujiang's economy is well developed. It currently ranks as one of the most economically successful cities in China. The GDP in 2007 reached 61.8 billion yuan, an increase of 23.4% from 2006. The GDP per capita reached 78,149 yuan (ca. US$10,700), increase of 22.6% from 2006. There are altogether more than 1300 foreign enterprises so far with a total registered investment of US$ 10 billion.

    Major Industrial Sites
  • Wujiang Economic Development Zone (WEDZ)
    Established in 1993 and ratified by Jiangsu provincial government, it covers an area of 80 km2. There are over 783 foreign invested enterprises settling in it, with the total registered investment amounting to US$ 4.9 billion. WEDZ has been one of the top IT industry manufacturing bases in China, especially for its LCD section. Wujiang EPZ is in WEDZ. Companies in EPZ enjoy tax incentives.
  • Jiangsu Fenhu Economic Development Zone
    It borders Shanghai municipality. It is only half - hour - drive away from Shanghai. With an area of 253 km2, it is one of the youngest provincial economic zones in China.
    Major Industrial Sections

    WujiangWujiang's IT industry is developing rapidly and has formed the supply chain locally.

    Over 700 IT enterprises gather in Wujiang. More than 150 enterprises have the total investment of US$10 million and more. Their main products are computer & its peripheral products, mobile phones, LCD monitors. Wujiang Economic Development Zone becomes the world largest manufacturing base of power supply, ADSL device and backlight module.

    The silk and textile industry in Wujiang has a long history.

    WujiangThis industrial section has more than 100,000 sets of shuttle-less looms. The annual output of different fabrics is 7 billion meters. The silk production volume and export volume in Wujiang account for 1/8 and 1/6 of the national total respectively.

    The trade volume of the China Eastern Silk Market reached US$ 6.9 billion in 2007, which is the biggest retail market of the fiber filament and the price center in China.


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