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Kunshan Economical & Technical Development Zone (KETD)

Kunshan Economical & Technical Development Zone (KETD)

KETD was founded in 1985, and was upgraded by the State Council to a State - level development zone in 1992. Since then, KETD has been following the strategy of absorbing high - quality foreign investments, developing modern manufacturing industry and optimizing product structure. Focusing on new and hi - tech industry and high-value-added service industry, KETD is trying its best to transform itself into a multifunctional and comprehensive industrial zone.

  • Location & Transportation
  • Pillar industries

Kunshan locates in the south of Yangtze River Delta, with Shanghai to its east and Suzhou to its west. Taking the advantage of its location, Kunshan can easily enjoy the rich resources in Shanghai, which can greatly benefit the innovation, R &D and talents cultivation in Kunshan.

    A. Airports:
  • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport(45 km from KETD, 40 - minute drive)
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport (100 km from KETD, 70 - minute drive).
    B. Ports:
  • Shanghai Harbor(China's largest harbor, 60 km away)
  • Zhangjiagang port (100 km away)
  • Taichang Port (80km away)
    C. Railway:
  • The Beijing-Shanghai Railway runs through KETD as its first stop.
  • The bulliet train now only takes 18 mintues from Shanghai to Kunshan.
  • The Beijing-Shanghai Speed Railway will takes only about 5 hours from Shanghai to Beijing which is going to be completed by 2012, will also make its first stop at Kunshan.
  • The Light Railway through the big Shanghai Area which is underconstruction will also make its first stop at Kunshan after its completion.
    D. Highways:
  • There is an extensive highway network through Kunshan city.
  • Shanghai - Nanjing Expressway (two access within KETD).
  • The State Highway 312.
  • Suzhou - Shanghai expressway.
  • Tongshan expressway.
  • Su - Kun - Tai expressway.
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