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KunshanKunshan is a satellite city in the greater Suzhou region that is administratively at the county-level in southeast Jiangsu, China, just outside Shanghai. It currently ranks as the most economically successful county - level administration in China. In 2008 the GDP totalled 150 billion yuan (US$22 billion), an increase of 15% from 2007. The GDP per capita reached 120,882 yuan (US$17,687).

Kunshan is culturally significant as the origin of Kunshan diao, the melody which ultimately evolved into Kunqu, China's oldest extant theatre art. Kunshan is the birthplace of one of China's most well known ancient opera styles. It is known as the birthplace of Fei Junlong, Gong Xian, An Wang, and Soong Ching - ling.


EconomyAs of 2006 the city is locally known as "Little Taipei" due to the influx of businessmen from the Taiwan Province. It is also home to a Shimano factory and the iPod Touch factory, a division of Apple All new iPod Touches will be delivered from there. Also, factory of Avery Dennison specialty tapes, engineered films, pressure-sensitive, and other converted products. Also, Toshiba, Dell, Fujitsu and Hewlett-Packard deliver their laptop series from a Compal factory in Kunshan.

Kunshan is a highly open industrial and commercial city. Investors from 55 countries and regions have set up more than 5500 projects in Kunshan, with a total registered capital of more than USD23 billion and USD14 billion has been actually utilized. Domestic private capital is registered at more than RMB50 billion Yuan. Kunshan attracts 1.7% of all the FDI China has received, contributes 2.4% of national import and exports and yields 0.5% of national GDP, with only 0.01% of national land and 0.05% of national population. Its comprehensive strength sits atop all the county-level cities in China. With a huge influx of investments from Taiwan, Kunshan receives half of Taiwan investments in Suzhou, 1/4 of those in Jiangsu and 1/9 of those in the whole country. 6 leading laptop makers in Taiwan have established their subsidiaries here. The output of laptop computers and digital cameras in Kunshan accounts for 40% and 1/8 respectively of the world total.

Kunshan is an innovative and harmonious city that is always keeping up with the times. By adhering to independent innovation in an open setting, Kunshan has been in the first place in the urban innovation capability comprehensive evaluation by the Ministry of Science and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences among the same-level cities. In order to build a service - oriented government in accordance with the requirements of "zero barrier, low cost, high efficiency", Kunshan provides a full range of professional and efficient services to investors and has put in place a management network and administrative service procedures up to international standards. It has been recommended by Taiwan Electrical/Electronic Manufacturers Association (TEEMA) as one of the top cities with best investment environment in the mainland of China.

Kunshan is a vibrant and charming city. It is not only an attractive land for business opportunities, but also a blessed place for business practices and life experiences.

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